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Name: Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
Birthdate: May 8, 1975
Where was he born? Madrid, Spain
Parents: Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler
When did he come to the U.S.? When he was 8 years old/he moved to Miami
How many brothers and sisters does he have? Julio Jose and Chabeli/Enrique is the youngest/plus Tamara and Ana(stepsisters)/plus his two little brothers(stepbrothers)/And his little twin sisters...the list could go on!

He loves

His profession
The "perfume of the body"
His few but good friends
His fans
His blue hat
Windsurfing in the Carribean
The color black
Watching television bloopers
Eating hamburgers and french fries
Hiding before a show and watching the people come in
To feel like a winner
The contact with the public during his shows

He hates

Drugs, cigarettes
Jealousy and being hurtful
That he's too sincere
Being judged by people who don't know him
The false rumors that his father is a womanizer.
Having a day off and not knowing what to do.

Things you need to know

he's 6'1
he wears a size 10 shoe
he considers himself a songwriter first and singer second
he donates al the stuffed animals he gets to local hospitals
he's not a morning person
he used to have a big crush on Marilyn Monroe
he once burned his dog
he loves to surf
his first idol was Superman
he believes in UFOs
he loves going out dancing
he never carries more than $20 in his pocket
he loves the colors gray, white, and black
he loves convertibles
he goes crazy when he has nothing to do
he loves to surf
he considers himself very sincere
three latin american soaps are named after his songs
he loves 80's bands like The Police and Dire Straits
his first English television performance was on the David Letterman Show
he loves MTV
he loves practical jokes
a woman's feet is very important to him
you will often find him barefoot
his first album "Enrique Iglesias" was released on September 25, 1995
his second album "Vivir" was released on January 29, 1997
His third album "Cosas Del Amor" was released on September 1, 1998
his favorite movie is "Raiders Of the Lost Ark"
he loves sald and Spanish lemon
he never wears a watch
he prays every night
he studied business administration at Miami University before he dropped out to pursue a singing career
he loves extreme sports
he once collided into a mangrove tree while water-skiing. It took over 40 stictches to close the wound behind his ear.
his favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny
he loves soccer


His little brothers

His dog Grammy

His sister Chabeli

His brother Julio Iglesias Jr